Mobile Use

If it is safe to do so:

  • Ensure all devices are password protected
  • Keep your password private
  • Ensure your lock screen has an emergency dial available
  • Learn how to use “SIRI” or voice command for fast dial
  • Go through the privacy and security settings in your phone and choose the best options for you
  • Call your provider and ask who has access to your phone account. Ensure your name is on the account. If the abuser is on the account as well, they may have access to your phone log
  • If using an iPhone, go to settings > location services and turn “frequent locations” off
  • If using an Android, turn “location” icon off when you swipe down on main screen.
  • If using a Galaxy S5 device, press the power/lock button three times and this action sends a series of text messages with your approximate location, photos and a short voice recording to up to four safe contacts on your phone. To activate this feature and choose the safe contacts, go to settings à quick settings à safety assistance à send help messages. Note: this does not replace calling 911.
  • Decide how you want to use the GPS settings on your phone. GPS settings need to be on for Police to know your location but this also lets the abuser track your location. If you have a GPS device in your vehicle, considering disabling this as well.
  • For “safe people” in your contact list, use a fake contact name so the abuser does not know who you are contacting if they get a hold of your phone. For example, instead of ‘Safe Centre’, put ‘Melanie’.
  • Check your phone manual for additional safety features and call your provider if you have any more questions.

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